Ibeauty Super Plus Glue (5ml)

IBeauty Ultra Super Plus has the ability to dry quickly on the eyelashes - it takes about 1 seconds.  

It should be noted that the resistance of the lashes also depends on the application technique  the thickness of the lashes, temperature, humidity or the consistency of the glue.


We recommend that you keep the adhesive in a dark place in its own packaging along with a  silicon gel bag included  so that it does not accumulate moisture. The adhesive should be used up to 3 weeks after opening.


Temperature: 20-22*C

Humidity: 50-60%

Dry time: around 1 sec

Adhesive Strength: around 6 weeks in the best condition.


Adhesive for sensitive eyes. Liquid consistency, this adhezive has less smell, less fume.


Made in South Korea.


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