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GLAMCOR lamps are professional lights used in all areas of the beauty industry. A proper lighting is the first topic that should to be considered in books / magazines about eyelash extensions.

Glamcor LED 

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    Unveil your best work with the GLAMCOR REVEAL - a portable LED lamp with a table clamp. REVEAL is a powerful single lamp with five dimming stages with a flexible arm that can be easily maneuvered in any position in order to best light up your table or desk. Its small, lightweight, and compact design is ideal for traveling and in-house services....

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    ELITE X is one of our best selling lighting solutions. It has won the hearts of many beauty professionals for its bright LED lights and quick and easy assembly. ELITE X has five dimming stages and two flexible arms. It's lightweight, comes with a carry bag, and can be stored immediately. No cooldown time necessary. This portable beauty lamp is ideal for...

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    If you are in the business of making others beautiful, then great lighting is essential, and GLAMCOR REVOLUTION X is just what you need. REVOLUTION X is a LED lamp with two flexible arms of different lengths, designed to bend across wide client beds. The updated arm design makes it easier to configure your lighting angles to better reach your treatment...

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    • Full color temperature adjustability • Remote control • Super lightweight • Optional accessories The Classic Ultra is upping the game again with the same great Classic design and color temperature adjustability and remote control. Adjust from candlelight to daylight with smooth transitions to inspect your work under all lighting conditions. Work under...

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     Glamcor Multimedia Extreme: • Full color temperature adjustability• Remote control • Bluetooth selfie function• Fast USB charging port• Accessories pictured sold separately 

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    High-quality LED video light, 50W low consumption and high brightness.  Adjustable brightness and color temperature(3200K-5500K), meet your different shooting needs. Upgrade warm light & cold light effects, providing you with more natural light and more vivid photos.Ring-shaped designed, can create charming catchlights during portrait...

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    Our new beauty lamp includes dual, flexible arms with a telescopic pole for easy transportation and adjustability. The base is extra sturdy compared to other lamps on the market.       Lamp Features:     • Premium HP daylight 5,600K, 192 LED (vs. competitor at 120 LED) for the brightest light available    • 25 cm head length for a longer lighting...

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    • Warm light 3200K, neutral light4800K, white ligh 6000k.                                                                         • All three color temperatures can adjust brightness.                                                                     • Touch power and five stage touch dimming      • Clamp onto any shelf or table • Dual voltage 100-240V

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