Mini L Vivienne Tweezers (mirrored)

L Vivienne tweezers, made of stainless steel well suited for the implementation of classic or volume eyelash ext ensions. It will easily allow you to form a fan both in your hand and in the belt. The tops of the work surface fit snugly across the area. This allows you to catch and hold ultra thin lashes well. Suitable for Lashartists who do not like to feel the instrument in their hand. The hardness of the tweezers is soft, which means that no effort is required to close it, the hand does not get tired and allows you to make a fast and high quality growth. Due to its curved parameters and its weight, it fits well in the hand. This makes it easier and helps to complete the procedure faster.


Recommendations for the use and storage of tweezers 1. Store the instrument in a dry place. 2. Transfer and keep in the tip and silicone case. 3. Protect yourself from drops and impacts to avoid deformation of the tweezers. 4. Sterilize after each use. 5. Do not use abrasive or metal tools to clean tweezers. 6. Disinfect the instrument strictly according to the instructions. Do not exceed the maximum temperature allowed during dry heat and autoclave sterilization. start work only after the instrument has cooled completely to heat / dry autoclave. 7. For longer use, it is recommended to sharpen the instrument by a specialist every 3-6 months.


Made in South Korea.


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