Lash shampoo "Ibeauty"

Lash shampoo contains natural aromas extracted from eight plants which supply nutrition to the natural lashes, giving clients healthy, clean, beautiful eyelashes.


it does not contain any harmful ingredients, Therefore it can be used safely on sensitive skin too.


Also, fin particle bubbles are not flowing, so it is easy to use only for treatment area.


Lash shampoo helps to cleanse the eyelashes of pollutants such as makeup residue, sebum, dead skin, protein and sodium.

Cleansing the eyelashes on a daily basis will not only keep your eyelashes healthy, it will also lengthen the bond of the eyelash extensions, improving retention.





1. Apply cleanser bubble on eyelash and brush it to cleanse and remove residue.


2. After thorough cleansing, use saline solution or eye cleanser to wash away bubble.


3. Use clean cotton pads to remove moisture and perform finish touch with mascara brush or eyelash comb.  


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